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About me

I'm from Norway. I like video-games, tv-series and badminton

Occupation: Student


About my collections

Favorite game : Guild wars 1
Favorite music : A lot
Favorite movie : Lord of the rings
Favorite food : Beef with peppercorn sauce and creamed potatoes


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Published 6 years, 8 months ago 2 comments
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Recent reviews

Guild Wars Trilogy review

Posted : 6 years, 8 months ago on 14 December 2012 09:09 (A review of Guild Wars Trilogy)

After 1300+++ hours of playtime, this game is my favorite of all times. The memories I have of late night attempts on some of the harder missions. Pvping with my guild, experimenting with the games 1200+ skills when you only could have 8 at a time, getting max titles after farming, going for a elite armor and finally getting enough mats for all the pieces. It is a huge game with a lot of content. It isn't a MMO, its more like a RPG with co-op of 8-12 players. You can use different heroes instead of real players if you want with gear and weapons you have collected and skills that your account has unlocked. The lv cap is only 20 so if you want to experience the story you wouldn't need to farm like in a MMO. The things you farm for are different armor skins, weapon skins and titles. All areas except towns are inctanced so there isn't anyone that can steal your mobs. The story for each of the campaigns is well written with sudden twists and surprisingly touching moments. There is 3 campaigns and one expansion. The campaigns has missions, large quest that if you fail you will have to try again, normal quests for gold, skills and xp, and end game areas that contain cool looking weapons that only the best of the best has a chance of acquiring. The plot in the third campaign use some of the story from the previous two so my advice is to play it in order, 1-2-3 and then the expansion but you will get heroes in the third so it is the easiest campaign to start on. Nc soft is still making content for this game even after they released GW2. It is free to play, and you get all 3 campaigns. It is defiantly worth checking out.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim review

Posted : 6 years, 8 months ago on 11 December 2012 08:38 (A review of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Skyrim was a game i had big hopes for. It had visually stunning graphics, a lot of quests and variated locations. Let me just say this, it is my no means a bad game but it is not the masterpiece someone want it to be. A rpg is mainly about character development and experiencing a story.

You will get a main quest that is so linear that you want to jump out the window in your room. There is two factions and you need to pick your side in the war, but the problem is that it is the same quests and you aren't rewarded for it. There is also random quests spread around the world but these are the generic quest stuff you are used to and not exactly exiting. There is some light and positive sides with it. The dark brotherhood is the best quest line with people you actually start caring about and there is a great reward in the end. It also has a plot twist, and who does not like a great turning point in a story? There is also a mage guild, a thieves guild and the companions.

Character development is a huge LIE! Usually you get to choose between good choices or evil choices. This doesn't exist in skyrim in terms of a progression of the story. You can kill everyone but i wouldn't call that a true evil choice because nothing happens after it and you don't get anything by doing it. Usually people aren't evil because they want to kill someone, they just do what they do because they get more from it like take over the world, rob a bank, and so on. The story has only one path and that is the good one. If you don't do it, then the story ends, no consequences, no progression, just a end

The character development in form of skills and attributes is a fantastic system. You even get dragon shouts that could give you an edge in combat. There is a lot of different armors, fighting weapons and spells. The spells are fun to experiment with and it uses the new dual wield system. There is one exemption with spells... most of the different specs is unique and fun to play but destruction is just the same old thing that every fantasy rpg has. "Trow fireball", "Throw a exploding fireball", "Cast firestorm", or use frost/lightning elements but with the exact same results. There is also no story progression after the way to short main quest. The perks is also broken. Light armor is better than heavy in all aspects because you will get the same defense but with higher mobility. there is no creativity and adding new cool mechanics, it just improves your damage. Blacksmithing should require "SOME" effort of the player to get to lv 100.

The difficulty is also a disappointment. You can spam heal, kite and hide with spells, one hitting as a thief/assassin, maxing blacksmithing and be a god as melee and get overpowered armors that gives the ability to play skyrim on the hardest difficulty without using you spells and abilities to its fullest potential.
They aim to a casual audience and therefore the old hardcore difficulty when you had to struggle and work to complete a game disappeared.

I am currently using this mod [Link removed - login to see] called skyrim redone. It makes the game a lot harder and more fun. Bethesda should give this guy a job and fire all that where responsible for the perks and combat.

There is also a lot of bugs, but they do pach it, and if it is game breaking then the console on pc is your greatest friend (Mage guild statue quest with arms that don't to what they are supposed to do!!!).

I give Skyrim a 6/10 and it should probably be nominated "2011s most overrated game"

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